Cookbooks Divider Page Process

I also wanted to highlight some of the process I go through when I design something.

1.I started with a basic idea, to create images using nothing but unaltered letter forms. i quickly “sketched” a kitchen counter with a few jars and eggs in a carton, but something didn’t seem right…

2. After some discussion i decised to highlight a few essential kitchen tools, a whisk, a spatula, and an oven mitt. I also played with different color combinations.

3. After a few color attempts our class decided the whole catalog was going to feature black type and watercolor spots, so I incorporated that into the newest design as well as updating the look of the oven mitt.

4. In the end, it was decided that less is more, and I removed the oven mitt and spatula and kept just the whisk. I actually ended up liking this version more than the previous one, it seemed less busy.

Cookbooks Divider Page Process


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